Electric vehicle repair center


Our repair center's adress has changed! The new location is: 1149 Budapest, Angol street 34.

When we started our company one of our main goal was to follow our products life-cycle and to provide professional service and maintenance.

Furthermore we put much effort to make our electronic maintenance department always up-to-date and professional.

These were the reasons to open our own repair center with experienced technicians who specialised in repairing electronic vehicles.



Our repair center is now open for everyone who want to keep their electronic vehicles in professionals' hands. 

We are proud to say, that we can perform maintenance and problem fixing in the shortest time as possible in our service station.

For both the mechanical and electrical maintenance of the vehicle we are able to present a professional member from our service crew. 

Our service crew is waiting for your call if you want warranty maintenance or repairing. Furthermore we can mount and replace parts or even convert your normal bicycle into an electric one. Our service crew is also ready to answer any of your questions.

You can reach us in this number: +36 70 600 1249